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EU - Europa 3.864
NA - Nord America 3.348
AS - Asia 479
AF - Africa 5
OC - Oceania 2
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
SA - Sud America 1
Totale 7.700
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 3.333
IE - Irlanda 1.290
UA - Ucraina 584
IT - Italia 561
GB - Regno Unito 480
DE - Germania 415
CN - Cina 318
SE - Svezia 181
FI - Finlandia 165
GR - Grecia 104
TR - Turchia 98
FR - Francia 37
PK - Pakistan 28
BE - Belgio 21
CA - Canada 11
JP - Giappone 9
IN - India 7
PL - Polonia 6
DK - Danimarca 5
KR - Corea 5
RU - Federazione Russa 5
VN - Vietnam 5
MX - Messico 4
HK - Hong Kong 3
NL - Olanda 3
SC - Seychelles 3
LK - Sri Lanka 2
LY - Libia 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SG - Singapore 2
BD - Bangladesh 1
BR - Brasile 1
ES - Italia 1
EU - Europa 1
HR - Croazia 1
LI - Liechtenstein 1
MD - Moldavia 1
MY - Malesia 1
RO - Romania 1
Totale 7.700
Città #
Dublin 1.290
Jacksonville 899
Chandler 634
Princeton 175
Bremen 154
Caserta 138
Medford 133
Roxbury 130
Ann Arbor 107
Woodbridge 83
Boardman 73
New York 66
Wilmington 66
San Mateo 58
Beijing 56
Grafing 50
Cambridge 47
Des Moines 47
Nanjing 44
Jinan 38
Mountain View 37
Napoli 32
Naples 26
Afragola 21
Brussels 21
Helsinki 21
Köseköy 19
Dearborn 18
Ashburn 17
Guangzhou 16
Houston 15
Nanchang 14
San Giuseppe Vesuviano 14
Southampton 14
Hefei 12
Milan 12
Shenyang 12
Tianjin 12
Acerra 10
Düsseldorf 10
Hangzhou 10
Norwalk 10
Campobasso 9
Haikou 9
Hebei 9
San Diego 9
Taizhou 9
Arzano 8
Auburn Hills 8
Kunming 8
Ningbo 8
Torino 8
Zhengzhou 8
Francolise 7
Rome 7
Taiyuan 7
Elora 6
Redwood City 6
Bari 5
Changsha 5
Florence 5
Jiaxing 5
Los Angeles 5
Saint Petersburg 5
San Felice A Cancello 5
Venice 5
Benevento 4
Bloomsbury 4
Capua 4
Changchun 4
Dadu 4
Dong Ket 4
Giugliano In Campania 4
Karachi 4
Sala Consilina 4
Salerno 4
Seattle 4
Berlin 3
Bologna 3
Borgo San Lorenzo 3
Cagliari 3
Fairfield 3
Falls Church 3
Lanzhou 3
Lodz 3
Mexico 3
Mumbai 3
Ottawa 3
Pontecagnano 3
Qualiano 3
Santa Maria Capua Vetere 3
Serra 3
Washington 3
Acton 2
Amsterdam 2
Atlanta 2
Auckland 2
Avellino 2
Aversa 2
Baotou 2
Totale 4.933
Nome #
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Design and conformational analysis of stapled peptides mimicking Cullin3 binding region to KCTD11 57
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Insight into the structural and functional features of myoglobin from Hystrix cristata L. and Rangifer tarandus L. 46
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Structure and biological activity of a conformational constrained apolipoprotein A-I-derived helical peptide targeting the protein haptoglobin 45
Ligand-Based NMR Study of C-X-C Chemokine Receptor Type 4 (CXCR4)-Ligand Interactions on Living Cancer Cells 45
Binding mode of AIF(370-394) peptide to CypA: insights from NMR, label-free and molecular docking studies 45
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NMR Structure of the DNA Binding Ros Protein from Agrobacterium Tumefaciens: First Structural Characterization of a Prokaryotic Cys2-His2 Zinc Finger Domain 44
Long range Trp-Trp interaction initiates the folding pathway of a pro-angiogenic β-hairpin peptide 44
NMR structure and folding pathway characterization of Ros87 H42A functional mutant 44
Zinc Fingers 44
Solution structure and backbone dynamics of the K18G/R82E Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius thioredoxin mutant: A molecular analysis of its reduced thermal stability 43
Neuroblastoma tumorigenesis is regulated through the Nm23-H1/h-Prune C-terminal interaction 43
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Insights into the anticancer properties of the first antimicrobial peptide from Archaea 43
Totale 5.496
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2020/20211.429 92 16 157 122 289 19 183 147 32 170 137 65
2021/20221.181 62 6 18 40 388 57 26 24 35 108 77 340
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