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Clinico-pathological evaluation of patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia] 1-gen-1991 D'Armiento, Fp; DI GREGORIO, F; Napoli, Claudio; Colasanti, P; Posca, T; Calì, A.
Human low-density lipoproteins are peroxidized by free radicals via chain reactions triggered by the superoxide radical 1-gen-1991 Napoli, Claudio; Ambrosio, G; Palumbo, G; Elia, Pp; Chiariello, M.
Morphological and biochemical study of the lipid components of the fetal aorta 1-gen-1992 D'Armiento, Fp; Napoli, Claudio; Orabona, P; DI GREGORIO, F; Posca, T; Mossetti, G; D'Armiento, Mr; Vecchione, R.
Role of arterial hypertension in plasma secretion of prostacyclin during renal failure in man 1-gen-1992 Liguori, A; Napoli, Claudio; Ciafrè, Sa; D'Armiento, Fp; DI GREGORIO, F; Bruzzese, G; DI IESO, N; DI BENEDETTO, A; Colasanti, P; Ferrara, A.
Intravenous propafenone for suppression of symptomatic atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter in a first aid hospital 1-gen-1992 Liguori, A; DI IESO, N; D'Armiento, Fp; Furia, L; Napoli, Claudio; Bruzzese, G; Piatto, A; Varriale, A.
Evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of pravastatin in monothereapy and in association with gemfibrozil in hypercholesterolemia associated with moderate hyperglyceridemia 1-gen-1992 Napoli, Claudio; Lepore, S; Ambrosio, G; Chiariello, M.
Calcium channel blockers inhibit human low-density lipoprotein peroxidation induced by oxygen free radicals in vitro] 1-gen-1992 Napoli, Claudio; Ambrosio, G; Palumbo, G; Chiariello, P; Chiariello, M.
Histological findings and evidence of lipid conjugated dienes and malonyldialdehyde in human fetal aortas 1-gen-1993 D'Armiento, Fp; DI GREGORIO, F; Ciafrè, Sa; Posca, T; Liguori, A; Napoli, Claudio; Colasanti, P; Calì, A; Vecchione, R.
The relations between atrial natriuretic factor release and adrenergic activation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 1-gen-1993 Liguori, A; Napoli, Claudio; DI GREGORIO, F; Sibilio, G; DI IESO, N; Ciafrè, Sa; Piatto, A; Varriale, A.
Angiotensin II stimulates endothelin-1 release from human endothelial cells] 1-gen-1993 Ciafré, Sa; D'Armiento, Fp; DI GREGORIO, F; Colasanti, P; DI BENEDETTO, A; Langella, A; DI IESO, N; Liguori, A; Colasanti, R; Napoli, Claudio
Ipertrofia ventricolare sinistra ed ipertensione arteriosa nell'insufficienza renale cronica e nell'ipertensione arteriosa essenziale: analisi della perfusione miocardica mediante 99mTc-sestaMIBI SPECT 1-gen-1994 Di Gregorio, F; Liguori, A; Napoli, Claudio; Di Benedetto, A; Rambaldi, Pier Francesco; De Rimini, Ml; Mansi, L; Sorice, P.
Atrial natriuretic factor and sympathetic activation in human heart failure 1-gen-1994 Liguori, A; DI GREGORIO, F; Napoli, Claudio; D'Armiento, Fp; Posca, T; DI BENEDETTO, A; DI IESO, N; DI PAOLO, E; Ferrara, A.
Protection by blockers against human low density lipoprotein peroxidation induced by oxygen free radicals 1-gen-1994 Napoli, Claudio; Ambrosio, G; Chiariello, P; Palumbo, G; Chiariello, M.
Oxygen radicals inhibit human plasma acetylhydrolase, the enzyme that catabolizes platelet-activating factor 1-gen-1994 Ambrosio, G; Oriente, A; Napoli, Claudio; Palumbo, G; Chiariello, P; Marone, G; Condorelli, M; Chiariello, M; Triggiani, M.
The peroxidation of human glycosylated low-density lipoproteins is mediated by the superoxide radical: the protective effects of superoxide dismutase] 1-gen-1994 Napoli, Claudio; Ambrosio, G; Palumbo, G; Chiariello, P; Duilio, C; Chiariello, M.
Evidence of impairment of myocardial function in hypertension during chronic renal failure 1-gen-1995 Liguori, A; Napoli, Claudio; Di Gregorio, F; Rambaldi, Pier Francesco; D'Armiento, Fp; Di Benedetto, A; Di Paolo, E; Ferrara, A; Mansi, Luigi; Sorice, P.
Gaschromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of fatty acids in human milk from forty puerperae living in southern Italy 1-gen-1995 Corso, G; Colavita, C; Esposito, M; Roma, R; Napoli, Claudio; Zamparelli, M; Ansanelli, V.
Hyperlipidaemia and atherosclerotic cerebrovascular disease 1-gen-1995 Postiglione, A; Napoli, Claudio
Oxidative structural modifications of low density lipoprotein in homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia 1-gen-1995 Napoli, Claudio; Postiglione, A; Triggiani, M; Corso, G; Palumbo, G; Carbone, V; Ruocco, A; Ambrosio, G; Montefusco, S; Malorni, A; Condorelli, M; Chiariello, M.
The role of aging on the control of contractile force by Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange in rat papillary muscle 1-gen-1996 Abete, P; Ferrara, N; Cioppa, A; Ferrara, P; Bianco, S; Calabrese, C; Napoli, Claudio; Rengo, F.
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