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Correlation between herpes and Epstein-Barr viruses and acute myocardial infarction 1-gen-1996 Liguori, A; Ammaturo, V; Napoli, Claudio
Low density lipoprotein oxidation and variant angina: role of methodologic procedures in assessment of oxidizability of low density lipoprotein 1-gen-1996 Napoli, Claudio
Calcium-channel blockers inhibit human low-density lipoprotein oxidation by oxygen radicals 1-gen-1996 Napoli, Claudio; Chiariello, M; Palumbo, G; Ambrosio, G.
Relations between vasoactive hormones and diastolic function in hypertensive uraemic patients 1-gen-1996 Napoli, Claudio; Liguori, A; Sorice, P; DI BENEDETTO, A; Ciafre, S; Posca, T; DI IESO, N; D'Armiento, Fp
Ergonomic approach in aging: experimental procedures to assess cognitive and balance impairments 1-gen-1996 Pinto, Mr; Caterina, G; Bianchi, A; DE MEDICI, S; Postiglione, A; Napoli, Claudio
LDL oxidation in homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia: effects of selective LDL-apheresis treatment 1-gen-1996 Napoli, Claudio; Postiglione, A; Scarpato, N; Corso, G; Ambrosio, G; Condorelli, M; Mancini, M; Chiariello, M.
High prevalence of myocardial ischemia and vasoconstrictive hormonal release in hypertension during chronic renal failure 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; DI GREGORIO, F; Sorice, P; DI BENEDETTO, A; Ciafre, S; Posca, T; Ferrara, A; DI PAOLO, E; Bruzzese, G; D'Armiento, Fp; Mansi, Luigi; Liguori, A.
Effect of low density lipoprotein fatty acid composition on copper-induced peroxidation: 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance analysis 1-gen-1997 Corso, G; Trivellone, E; Motta, A; Postiglione, A; Mancini, Fp; Carbone, V; Napoli, Claudio
Fatty streak formation occurs in human fetal aortas and is greatly enhanced by maternal hypercholesterolemia. Intimal accumulation of low density lipoprotein and its oxidation precede monocyte recruitment into early atherosclerotic lesions 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; D'Armiento, Fp; Mancini, Fp; Postiglione, A; Witztum, Jl; Palumbo, G; Palinski, W.
A simple and rapid purification procedure minimizes spontaneous oxidative modifications of low density lipoprotein and lipoprotein (a) 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; Mancini, Fp; Corso, G; Malorni, A; Crescenzi, E; Postiglione, A; Palumbo, G.
effects of melatonin in isolated rat papillary muscle 1-gen-1997 Effabete, P; Bianco, S; Calabrese, C; Napoli, Claudio; Cacciatore, F; Ferrara, N; Rengo, F.
INCREASED LOW-DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN PEROXIDATION IN ELDERLY MEN 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; Abete, P; Corso, G; Malorni, A; Postiglione, A; Ambrosio, G; Cacciatore, F; Rengo, F; Palumbo, G.
Angina-induced protection against myocardial infarction in adult and elderly patients: a loss of preconditioning mechanism in the aging heart? 1-gen-1997 Abete, P; Ferrara, N; Cacciatore, F; Madrid, A; Bianco, S; Calabrese, C; Napoli, Claudio; Scognamiglio, P; Bollella, O; Cioppa, A; Longobardi, G; Rengo, F.
Mildly oxidized low-density lipoprotein impairs responses of carotid but not basilar artery in rabbits 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; Paternò, R; Faraci, Fm; Taguchi, H; Postiglione, A; Heistad, Dd
Occurrence of the same peroxidative compounds in low density lipoprotein and in atherosclerotic lesions from a homozygous familial hypercholesterolemic patient: a case report 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; D'Armiento, Fp; Corso, G; Ambrosio, G; Palumbo, G; Zuliani, P; Malorni, A; Gallotta, G; Somma, P; Postiglione, A; Chiariello, M.
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in an elderly rural population of southern Italy 1-gen-1997 Gallotta, G; Iazzetta, N; Milan, G; Ruocco, A; Napoli, Claudio; Postiglione, A.
Decreased low-density lipoprotein oxidation after repeated selective apheresis in homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; Ambrosio, G; Scarpato, N; Corso, G; Palumbo, G; D'Armiento, Fp; Mancini, Fp; Malorni, A; Formisano, S; Ruocco, A; Calí, A; Chiariello, M.
Glycosylation enhances oxygen radical-induced modifications and decreases acetylhydrolase activity of human low density lipoprotein 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; Triggiani, M; Palumbo, G; Condorelli, M; Chiariello, M; Ambrosio, G.
Propafenone in the conversion of atrial fibrillation in patients suffering from chronic renal failure 1-gen-1997 Napoli, Claudio; Sorice, P; DI BENEDETTO, A; DI IESO, N; Liguori, A.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 462
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