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Picosecond fluorescent kinetics of in vivo chlorophyll 1-gen-1973 Seibert, M; Alfano, Roberto; Shapiro, Sl
Probing photosynthesis on a picosecond time scale. Evidence for photosystem I and photosystem II fluorescence in chloroplasts 1-gen-1974 Seibert, M; Alfano, Roberto
Fluorescent kinetics of chlorophyll in photosystems I and II enriched fractions of spinach 1-gen-1975 Yu, W; Ho, Pp; Alfano, Roberto; Seibert, M.
Picosecond kinetics of the fluorescence from the chromophore of the purple membrane protein of Halobacterium halobium 1-gen-1976 Alfano, Roberto; Govindjee, R; Becher, B; Ebrey, Tg
Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of spinach chloroplast 1-gen-1977 Yu, W; Pellegrino, F; Alfano, Roberto
Cis-trans isomerisation in rhodopsin occurs in picoseconds 1-gen-1977 Green, Bh; Monger, Tg; Alfano, Roberto; Aton, B; Callender, Rh
Photochemistry of rhodopsin and isorhodopsin investigated on a picosecond time scale 1-gen-1979 Monger, Tg; Alfano, Roberto; Callender, Rh
Fluorescence relaxation kinetics from rhodopsin and isorhodopsin 1-gen-1981 Doukas, Ag; Lu, Py; Alfano, Roberto
Human teeth with and without dental caries studied by visible luminescent spectroscopy 1-gen-1981 Alfano, Roberto; Yao, Ss
[Hemodynamic effects of molsidomine in chronic cardiac decompensation] 1-gen-1981 Hoffmann, E; Traina, M; Alfano, Roberto; Piraino, Gl; Raineri, A.
[MDA formation by platelets and plasmatic BTG levels in patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction (author's transl)] 1-gen-1981 Davi, G; Traina, M; Novo, S; Pinto, A; Piraino, Gl; Marano, G; Alfano, Roberto
[Short- and long-term effects of a rehabilitation program for a group of myocardial infarct patients] 1-gen-1982 Assennato, P; Macaluso, L; Alfano, Roberto; Piraino, Gl; Bonni, G; Raineri, A.
[Scimitar syndrome with or without the "scimitar sign"] 1-gen-1982 Alfano, Roberto; Calcaterra, G; Garaffa, D; Basile, G; Spataro, G; Sperandeo, V.
Picosecond kinetic absorption and fluorescence studies of bovine rhodopsin with a fixed 11-ene 1-gen-1983 Buchert, J; Stefancic, V; Doukas, Ag; Alfano, Roberto; Callender, Rh; Pande, J; Akita, H; BALOGH NAIR, V; Nakanishi, K.
Fluorescence quantum yield of visual pigments: evidence for subpicosecond isomerization rates 1-gen-1984 Doukas, Ag; Junnarkar, Mr; Alfano, Roberto; Callender, Rh; Kakitani, T; Honig, B.
Time-resolved photoluminescence spectra of Gax 1-gen-1985 Zarrabi, Hj; Alfano, Roberto
Native defects in undoped semi-insulating CdSe studied by photoluminescence and absorption 1-gen-1985 Rosen, Dl; Li, Qx; Alfano, Roberto
The primary event in vision investigated by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy 1-gen-1985 Doukas, Ag; Junnarkar, Mr; Alfano, Roberto; Callender, Rh; BALOGH NAIR, V.
Photoluminescence determination of the pressure and temperature of the shock wave induced by a picosecond laser pulse in the layered semiconductor GaSe 1-gen-1985 Leung, Kp; Yao, Ss; Doukas, Ag; Alfano, Roberto; Harris, P.
The use of short lived fluorescent dyes to correct for artifacts in the measurements of fluorescence lifetimes 1-gen-1985 Mauzerall, D; Ho, Pp; Alfano, Roberto
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