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Surface properties of Escherichia coli strains responsible for urinary infections 1-gen-1987 ROMANO CARRATELLI, C; Nuzzo, I; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Phagocytosis of bacteria after exposure to macrophages or lymphocytes 1-gen-1987 ROMANO CARRATELLI, C; Bentivoglio, C; Nuzzo, I; Bove, Mr; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Phagocytosis of bacterial aggregates by granulocytes 1-gen-1988 Galdiero, F.; ROMANO CARRATELLI, C.; Nuzzo, I.; Bentivoglio, C.; Galdiero, Massimiliano
effect of modification of HEp2 cell membrae lipidic phase on susceptibility to infections from Herpes Simplex Virus 1-gen-1990 Galdiero, F.; Folgore, A.; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Tufano, M. A.
Neutrophil function and microbial association in rapidly progressing periodontitis and chronic periodontisis in the adult 1-gen-1990 Caruso, F.; Guida, Luigi; Sanges, M. R.; Iuorio, G.; Ianniello, R.; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Tufano, M. A.
Serum-mediated killing of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli mutants which share a different content of major proteins 1-gen-1991 Galdiero, F; Sommese, Linda; Capasso, C; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Tufano, Ma
Protein A and other surface components of Staphyloccoccus aureus stimulate production of IL-1 alpha, IL-4,IL-6,TNF and IFN-gamma 1-gen-1991 Tufano, M. A.; CIPOLLARO DE L'ERO, G.; Ianniello, R.; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Galdiero, F.
Autoreactive cytotoxic cells in rabbits after prolonged immunostimulation. 1-gen-1992 Galdiero, F.; Romano Carratelli, C.; Nuzzo, I.; Bentivoglio, C.; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Fluorescent detection of interactions of porins, lipopolysaccharidies, muramic-acid, N-acetil-muramyl-l-alanyl d-isoglutamine, with cell membrane 1-gen-1993 Galdiero, F.; Cioffi, S.; Mattera, S.; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Tufano, M. A.
Biological activities of cell envelope fragments of the archeobacterium Solfolobus solfataricus:lethal toxicity,local hypersensitivity,pyrogenicity and spleen lymphocyte mitogenicity 1-gen-1993 Galdiero, F.; Sommese, Linda; Marcatili, A; Scarfogliero, P.; Capasso, C.; Morana, A.; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Release of cytokine induced by Salmonella typhimurium porins 1-gen-1993 Galdiero, F.; CIPOLLARO DE, L. 'ERO G.; Benedetto, N.; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Tufano, M. A.
Impairment of natural resistance to Toxoplasma gondii infection in rats treated with beta adrenergics, beta blockers, corticosteroids or total body irradiation 1-gen-1993 Benedetto, N.; Folgore, A.; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Exchange of phospholipids between Escherichia coli cells and environment 1-gen-1993 Galdiero, F; Sommese, Linda; Capasso, C; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Cappello, M; Tufano, Ma
Beneficial effects of myristic, stearic or oleic acid as part of liposomes on experimental infection and antitumor effect in a murine model 1-gen-1994 Galdiero, F; Carratelli, Cr; Nuzzo, I; Bentivoglio, C; DE MARTINO, L; Gorga, F; Folgore, A; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Effect of irradiation doses on alterations in cytokine release by monocytes and lynphocytes 1-gen-1994 Galdiero, Massimiliano; CIPOLLARO DE L'ERO, G.; Folgore, A.; Cappello, M.; Giobbe, A.; Sasso, F. S.
Biological activities--lethality, Shwartzman reaction and pyrogenicity--of Salmonella typhimurium porins 1-gen-1994 Galdiero, F; Sommese, Linda; Scarfogliero, P; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Effect of prolactin, rIFN gamma or rTNF-alfa in murine toxoplasmosis 1-gen-1995 Benedetto, N.; Folgore, A; Galdiero, Massimiliano; Meli, R.; DI CARLO, R.
Morphological changes induced in HEp-2 cells by Salmonella typhimurium porins 1-gen-1995 DE MARTINO, L; Nazzaro, C; Concilio, S; Galdiero, Massimiliano
Effects of benzodiazepines on immunodeficiency and resistance in mice 1-gen-1995 Galdiero, F.; Bentivoglioc, ; Nuzzo, I.; Ianniello, R.; Capasso, C.; Mattera, S.; Nazzaro, C.; Galdiero, Massimiliano; ROMANO CARRATELLI, C.
Immunological response in mice after a long-term stimulation with cell wall antigens from Brucella melitensis 1-gen-1995 Galdiero, Massimiliano; Bentivoglio, C.; Nuzzo, I.; DE MARTINO, L.; Molitierno, M.; ROMANO CARRATELLI, C.
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