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[Serum isoenzymes in the diagnosis of some physiopathological conditions in the uterus] 1-gen-1978 Politano, Luisa; Sola, V; Limoncelli, F; Cobellis, G; Panariello, S; Izzo, Alfredo
[Indications and results of surgical treatment of ovarian dystrophy] 1-gen-1978 Ragucci, N; Cobellis, G; Panariello, S; Izzo, Alfredo
[Childbirth in very young girls. Clinico-statistical study. Preliminary note] 1-gen-1979 Izzo, Alfredo; Ragucci, A; Laghi, A; Borrelli, A.
[Value of the routine use of the Sabin-Feldman dye test in females] 1-gen-1980 Ragucci, N; Cirillo, L; Panariello, S; Izzo, Alfredo
[Blood levels of FSH, LH and hPrl in subjects with the polycystic ovary syndrome] 1-gen-1980 Ragucci, N; Izzo, Alfredo; Amato, G.
[The importance of chromium in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in pregnancy] 1-gen-1980 Ragucci, N; Izzo, Alfredo; Panariello, S; Borriello, Renata; Sciaudone, G.
[Circulating levels of LH, FSH and basal steroids in subjects with polycystic ovary syndrome before and after wedge resection of the ovaries] 1-gen-1981 Ragucci, N; Amato, G; Izzo, Alfredo
[Psychosomatic effects of oral contraception] 1-gen-1982 Ragucci, N; DE LUCA, P; Izzo, Alfredo; Tomasillo, Mr
[Transitory functional hyperprolactinemia in 2 patients with a virilizing adrenal neoplasm] 1-gen-1982 Ragucci, N; DE LUCA, P; Izzo, Alfredo; Amato, G.
[Clinical characteristics and psycho-somatic disorders of menstruation (informative investigation of 1000 adolescents)] 1-gen-1982 Ragucci, N; Izzo, Alfredo; DE LUCA, P; Tomasillo, Mr; Romano, L.
[Latent female genital tuberculosis and sterility] 1-gen-1982 DE LUCA, P; Izzo, Alfredo; Ragucci, N.
[Study of the lipofuscin pigment in the placenta] 1-gen-1982 Ragucci, N; ALOJ TOTARO, E; Izzo, Alfredo; Scaramellino, S.
Dysmenorrhoea and sports activities in adolescents 1-gen-1991 Izzo, Alfredo; Labriola, Domenico
[Use of triptorelin in the medical treatment of uterine myoma] 1-gen-1993 Palagiano, A; Trotta, Carlo; Izzo, Alfredo; Ragucci, N.
A paradoxical inhibition of androgenic hyperproduction by a Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour ovary 1-gen-1995 Amato, G; Izzo, G; Izzo, Alfredo
Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 reduction in follicular fluid in spontaneous and stimulated cycles 1-gen-1998 Amato, G; Izzo, Alfredo; Tucker, A; Bellastella, A.
Inhibitory effect of exogenous oxytocin on ACTH and cortisol secretion during labour 1-gen-1999 Izzo, Alfredo; Rotondi, M; Perone, C; Lauro, C; Manzo, E; Casilli, B; Rasile, M; Amato, G.
Lack of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 variation after follicle-stimulating hormone stimulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome undergoing in vitro fertilization 1-gen-1999 Amato, G; Izzo, Alfredo; Tucker, At; Bellastella, A.
Influence of ovarian cysts during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation 1-gen-2000 Palagiano, A; Izzo, Alfredo; Pace, L; Colacurci, Nicola
Pregnancy after cytoplasmic transfer in a couple suffering from idiopathic infertility: case report 1-gen-2001 Dale, B; Wilding, M; Botta, G; Rasile, M; Marino, M; DI MATTEO, Loredana; DE PLACIDO, G; Izzo, Alfredo
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