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Unilateral left prosopometamorphopsia: a neuropsychological case study 1-gen-2009 Trojano, Luigi; Conson, Massimiliano; Salzano, S; Manzo, V; Grossi, Dario
Closing-in without severe drawing disorders: the "fatal" consequences of pathological attraction 1-gen-2009 Conson, Massimiliano; Salzano, S; Manzo, V; Grossi, Dario; Trojano, Luigi
Recognition and mental manipulation of body parts dissociate in locked-in syndrome 1-gen-2010 Conson, Massimiliano; Pistoia, F; Sarà, M; Grossi, Dario; Trojano, Luigi
Whose hand is this? Handedness and visual perspective modulate self/other discrimination 1-gen-2010 Conson, Massimiliano; Aromino, Ar; Trojano, Luigi
Impaired conscious recognition of negative facial expressions in patients with locked-in syndrome. 1-gen-2010 Pistoia, F.; Conson, Massimiliano; Trojano, Luigi; Grossi, Dario; Ponari, M.; Colonnese, C.; Pistoia, M.; Carducci, F.; Sarà, M.
Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome in patients with locked-in syndrome: a therapeutic porthole with gabapentin 1-gen-2010 Pistoia, F; Conson, Massimiliano; Sarà, M.
Resting state eyes-closed cortical rhythms in patients with locked-in-syndrome: an EEG study 1-gen-2010 Babiloni, C; Pistoia, F; Sarà, M; Vecchio, F; Buffo, P; Conson, Massimiliano; Onorati, P; Albertini, G; Rossini, Pm
Facial expressions and eye gaze: Fundamental cues for social interactions 1-gen-2011 Trojano, Luigi; Ponari, M; Conson, Massimiliano
Self-touch affects motor imagery: a study on posture interference effect 1-gen-2011 Conson, Massimiliano; Mazzarella, E; Trojano, Luigi
Neuropsychological functioning of an Asperger child with exceptional skill in arranging picture stories 1-gen-2011 Conson, Massimiliano; Salzano, S; Grossi, Dario
Mapping Correspondence Between Facial Mimicry and Emotion Recognition in Healthy Subjects 1-gen-2012 Ponari, M; Conson, Massimiliano; D'Amico, Np; Grossi, Dario; Trojano, Luigi
Chronic somatoparaphrenia: a follow-up study on two clinical cases 1-gen-2012 Cogliano, R; Crisci, C; Conson, Massimiliano; Grossi, Dario; Trojano, Luigi
Social-communicative effects of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in Autism Spectrum Disorders 1-gen-2012 Lerna, A; Esposito, D; Conson, Massimiliano; Russo, L; Massagli, A.
Observation of another's action but not eye gaze triggers allocentric visual perspective 1-gen-2012 Mazzarella, E; Hamilton, A; Trojano, Luigi; Mastromauro, B; Conson, Massimiliano
Judging hand laterality from my or your point of view: Interactions between motor imagery and visual perspective. 1-gen-2012 Conson, Massimiliano; Mazzarella, E; Donnarumma, C; Trojano, Luigi
Riconoscimento Dei Volti Emotivi In Bambini Con Sviluppo Tipico E Con Sindrome Di Williams 1-gen-2013 Draicchio, T; Tarantino, V; Conson, Massimiliano; D'Olimpio, Francesca
Developmental changes of the biomechanical effect in motor imagery 1-gen-2013 Conson, Massimiliano; Mazzarella, E; Trojano, Luigi
Motor imagery in asperger syndrome: testing action simulation by the hand laterality task 1-gen-2013 Conson, Massimiliano; Mazzarella, E; Frolli, A; Esposito, D; Marino, N; Trojano, Luigi; Massagli, A; Gison, G; Aprea, N; Grossi, Dario
Inducing closing-in phenomenon in healthy young adults: the effect of dual task and stimulus complexity on drawing performance 1-gen-2013 Sagliano, L; D'Olimpio, Francesca; Conson, Massimiliano; Cappuccio, A; Grossi, Dario; Trojano, Luigi
Towards a deeper comprehension of relationships among cognitive, behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in Parkinson's disease. 1-gen-2013 Trojano, Luigi; Santangelo, Gabriella; Conson, Massimiliano; Grossi, Dario
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 126
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