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A Novel Classification Algorithm Based on the Synergy Between Dynamic Clustering with Adaptive Distances and K-Nearest Neighbors 1-gen-2024 Sabri, Mohammed; Verde, Rosanna; Balzanella, Antonio; Maturo, Fabrizio; Tairi, Hamid; Yahyaouy, Ali; Riffi, Jamal
K-Fuse: Credit card fraud detection based on a classification method with a priori class partitioning and a novel feature selection strategy 1-gen-2024 Sabri, M.; Verde, Rosanna.; Balzanella, A.
Clustering spatial data through optimal transport 1-gen-2023 Balzanella, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna
A Clusterwise regression method for distributional data 1-gen-2023 Balzanella, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna; de Carvalho, Francisco de A. T.
Batch Self-Organizing Maps for Distributional Data with an Automatic Weighting of Variables and Components 1-gen-2022 de Carvalho, Francisco de A. T.; Irpino, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna; Balzanella, Antonio
Mining Distributed Acoustic Sensing data for vehicle traffic monitoring 1-gen-2022 Balzanella, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna
A generalised clusteriwise regression for distributional data 1-gen-2021 Verde, Rosanna; de Carvalho, Francisco de A. T.; Balzanella, Antonio
Exploring a Federated Learning Approach to Enhance Authorship Attribution of Misleading Information from Heterogeneous Sources 1-gen-2021 Marulli, F.; Balzanella, A.; Campanile, L.; Iacono, M.; Mastroianni, M.
Clustering of data recorded by Distributed Acoustic Sensors to identify vehicle passage and typology 1-gen-2021 Balzanella, Antonio; Nacchia, Stefania
Mining multiple time sequences through co-clustering algorithms for distributional data 1-gen-2021 Balzanella, Antonio; Irpino, Antonio; Francisco T. de A., de Carvalho
Co-clustering algorithms for distributional data with automated variable weighting 1-gen-2021 De Carvalho, Francisco A. T.; Balzanella, Antonio; Irpino, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna
A Clusterwise regression method for Distributional-valued Data 1-gen-2020 Verde, Rosanna; de Carvalho, Francisco de A. T.; Balzanella, Antonio
A Spatial Dependence Measure and Prediction of Georeferenced Data Streams Summarized by Histograms 1-gen-2020 Verde, Rosanna; Balzanella, Antonio
Automatic Classification of Road Traffic with Fiber Based Sensors in Smart Cities Applications 1-gen-2020 Balzanella, Antonio; D’Angelo, Salvatore; Iacono, Mauro; Nacchia, Stefania; Verde, Rosanna
Histogram-based clustering of multiple data streams 1-gen-2019 Balzanella, A.; Verde, R.
Building Statistical Indicators of Equitable and Sustainable Well-Being in a Functional Framework 1-gen-2019 Maturo, F.; Balzanella, A.; Di Battista, T.
Histogram-Based Clustering of Sensor Network Data 1-gen-2019 Balzanella, Antonio; Verde, Rosanna
Monitoring the spatial correlation among functional data streams through Moran’s Index 1-gen-2019 Balzanella, A.; Romano, E.; Verde, R.; Fortuna, F.; Maturo, F.; Gattone, S. A.; Di Battista, T.
Spatial prediction and spatial dependence monitoring on georeferenced data streams 1-gen-2019 Balzanella, Antonio; Irpino, Antonio
A new ordinary kriging predictor for histogram data in L2-Wasserstein space 1-gen-2019 Balzanella, A.; Verde, R.; Irpino, A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 63
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