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The VIRGO Project: A wide band antenna for gravitational wave detection 1-gen-1990 C., Bradaschia; R., Del Fabbro; A., Di Virgilio; A., Giazotto; H., Kauzky; V., Montelatici; D., Passuello; A., Brillet; O., Cregut; P., Hello; C. N., Man; P. T., Manh; A., Marroud; D., Shoemaker; J. Y., Vinet; F., Barone; L., di Fiore; L., Milano; G., Russo; J. M., Aguirregabiria; H., Bel; J. P., Duruisseau; G., le Denmat; Tourrenc, P. h.; M., Capozzi; M., Longo; M., Lops; I., Pinto; Rotoli, Giacomo; T., Damour; S., Bonazzolla; J. A., Marck; Y., Gourghoulon; L. E., Holloway; F., Fuligni; V., Iafolla; G., Natale
The Inverse AC Josephson Effect in Long Junctions 1-gen-1990 G., Costabile; R., Monaco; S., Pagano; Rotoli, Giacomo
Numerical Simulations of Long Josephson Junction driven by Large External RF-signals 1-gen-1990 Rotoli, Giacomo; G., Costabile; R. D., Parmentier
Phase locking of fluxons oscillations in Long Josephson Junctions with surface losses 1-gen-1990 G., Filatrella; R. D., Parmentier; Rotoli, Giacomo
Chaotic dynamics in the map model of fluxon propagation in long Josephson junctions 1-gen-1991 Rotoli, Giacomo; Filatrella, G.
Chaotic motion of solitons in PDE model of fluxon propagation in Long Josephson Junctions 1-gen-1991 Rotoli, Giacomo; Filatrella, G.
An analysis of the validity limits of the current approaches for superconducting granular systems 1-gen-1991 DE LUCA, R; Pace, S; Saggese, A; Polichetti, B; Rotoli, Giacomo; Filatrella, G; Vaccarone, R; Liberatori, L.
Model studies of long Josephson junction arrays coupled to a high‐Q resonator 1-gen-1992 Filatrella, G; Rotoli, Giacomo; Grønbech‐jensen, G; Parmentier R., D; Pedersen, N. F.
Temporal chaos in the PDE model of Long Josephson Junctions 1-gen-1993 G., Filatrella; Rotoli, Giacomo
Suppression of chaos in the perturbed sine-Gordon system by weak periodic signals 1-gen-1993 Filatrella, G; Rotoli, Giacomo; Salerno, M.
Long Josephson Junctions driven by biharmonic signals 1-gen-1994 Filatrella, G.; Rotoli, Giacomo
Flux pinning barriers in two-dimensional arrays of short Josephson junctions 1-gen-1994 Filatrella, G; Pace, S; Rotoli, Giacomo; Saggese, A.
High Frequency pumping of Josephson junctions oscillators 1-gen-1995 M., Cirillo; Rotoli, Giacomo; A. R., Bishop; N. G., Jensen; P., Lomdhal
Validity of Laplace Formula and Dependence of Surface Tension on Curvature in Second Gradient Fluids 1-gen-1995 Dell'Isola, F; Rotoli, Giacomo
Experimental and numerical study of dynamic regimes in a discrete sine-Gordon lattice 1-gen-1995 A. V., Ustinov; M., Cirillo; B. H., Larsen; V. A., Oboznov; P., Carelli; Rotoli, Giacomo
Screening Currents effects in Josephson junctions arrays 1-gen-1996 A., Petraglia; G., Filatrella; Rotoli, Giacomo
Thermally Activated escape from the zero-voltage state in long Josephson junctions 1-gen-1996 M. G., Castellano; G., Torrioli; C., Cosmelli; A., Costantini; F., Chiarello; P., Carelli; Rotoli, Giacomo; M., Cirillo
Nucleation of spherical shell-like interfaces by second gradient theory: numerical simulations 1-gen-1996 F., Dell'Isola; H., Gouin; Rotoli, Giacomo
An analytical approximation of density profile and surface tension of microscopic bubbles for Van Der Waals fluids 1-gen-1997 Gouin, H; Rotoli, Giacomo
Magnetic field dependence of thermal excitations in Josephson junctions 1-gen-1997 CASTELLANO M., G; Torrioli, G; Cosmelli, C; Chiarello, F; Cirillo, M; Carelli, P; Rotoli, Giacomo
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