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Evaluating the incompleteness magnitude using an unbiased estimate of the b value 1-gen-2024 Godano, C.; Petrillo, G.; Lippiello, E.
b-More-Incomplete and b-More-Positive: Insights on a Robust Estimator of Magnitude Distribution 1-gen-2024 Lippiello, E.; Petrillo, G.
Including stress relaxation in point-process model for seismic occurrence 1-gen-2024 Petrillo, G.; Lippiello, E.; Zhuang, J.
Diffusion Properties of a Brownian Ratchet with Coulomb Friction 1-gen-2023 Semeraro, Massimiliano; Gonnella, Giuseppe; Lippiello, Eugenio; Sarracino, Alessandro
Determining the number of clusters, before finding clusters, from the susceptibility of the similarity matrix 1-gen-2023 Lippiello, E.; Baccari, S.; Bountzis, P.
Phase ordering dynamics of the random-field long-range Ising model in one dimension 1-gen-2023 Agrawal, R.; Corberi, F.; Lippiello, E.; Puri, S.
Estimating generation time of Covid variants from the daily incidence rate 1-gen-2023 Lippiello, Eugenio; Petrillo, Giuseppe; Baccari, Silvio; DE ARCANGELIS, Lucilla
Domain statistics in the relaxation of the one-dimensional Ising model with strong long-range interactions 1-gen-2023 Corberi, F.; Kumar, M.; Lippiello, E.; Politi, P.
Testing of the Seismic Gap Hypothesis in a Model With Realistic Earthquake Statistics 1-gen-2022 Petrillo, G; Rosso, A; Lippiello, E
Estimating the generation interval from the incidence rate, the optimal quarantine duration and the efficiency of fast switching periodic protocols for COVID‑19 1-gen-2022 Lippiello, E; Petrillo, G.; de Arcangelis, L.
The Dependence on the Moho Depth of the b-Value of the Gutenberg-Richter Law 1-gen-2022 Godano, C; Tramelli, A; Petrillo, G; Sessa, Eb; Lippiello, E
Getting hotter by heating less: How driven granular materials dissipate energy in excess 1-gen-2021 Plati, A; de Arcangelis, L; Gnoli, A; Lippiello, E; Puglisi, A; Sarracino, A
Coexistence of coarsening and mean field relaxation in the long-range Ising chain 1-gen-2021 Corberi, F.; Iannone, A.; Kumar, M.; Lippiello, E.; Politi, P.
Kinetics of the two-dimensional long-range Ising model at low temperatures 1-gen-2021 Agrawal, R.; Corberi, F.; Lippiello, E.; Politi, P.; Puri, S.
Testing of the foreshock hypothesis within an epidemic like description of seismicity 1-gen-2021 Petrillo, G.; Lippiello, E.
Growth kinetics and aging phenomena in a frustrated system 1-gen-2020 Kumar, M.; Corberi, F.; Lippiello, E.; Puri, S.
Quasideterministic dynamics, memory effects, and lack of self-averaging in the relaxation of quenched ferromagnets 1-gen-2020 Corberi, F.; Lippiello, E.; Politi, P.
The influence of the brittle-ductile transition zone on aftershock and foreshock occurrence 1-gen-2020 Petrillo, G.; Lippiello, E.; Landes, F. P.; Rosso, A.
Towards A Multiparadigm Approach To Model Energy Management In WSN For IoT Based Edge Computing Applications 1-gen-2020 De Arcangelis, Lucilla; Iacono, Mauro; Lippiello, Eugenio
The Relevance of Foreshocks in Earthquake Triggering: A Statistical Study 1-gen-2019 Lippiello, E; Godano, C; de Arcangelis, L
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 113
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