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Carbon attrition during the fluidized combustion of a coal 1-gen-1983 Arena, Umberto; M., D'Amore; L., Massimilla
Combustion of a Water-coal Mixture on a Fluidized Bed. 1-gen-1984 Arena, Umberto; D'Amore, N; DI MURO, N; Maresca, A; Miccio, M.
Carbon attrition in the fluidized combustion of a metallurgical coke 1-gen-1984 Arena, Umberto; Chirone, R; D'Amore, M; Massimilla, L.
Evaluation of attrition rate constants of char burning in fluidized beds by means of laboratory‐scale combustors 1-gen-1986 Arena, Umberto; M., D\'Amore; L., Massimilla; S., Meo; M., Miccio
High velocity fluidization behaviour of solids in a laboratory scale circulating bed 1-gen-1986 Arena, Umberto; Cammarota, A; Pistone, L.
Fluidized Bed Combustion of a Coal Water Slurry 1-gen-1986 Arena, Umberto; DE MICHELE, G; Maresca, A; Massimilla, L; Miccio, M.
Le caldaie a letto fluido circolante 1-gen-1988 Arena, Umberto; Pistone, L.
Attrition of spherical electrode carbon particles during batch fluidized combustion 1-gen-1988 Halder, Pk; Salatino, P; Arena, Umberto
Solids flow structures in a two-dimensional riser of a circulating fluidized bed 1-gen-1989 Arena, Umberto; A., Cammarota; A., Marzocchella; L., Massimilla
Fluidodinamica di impianti a letto fluido circolante di scala diversa 1-gen-1989 Arena, Umberto; Pistone, L; Cammarota, A; Malandrino, A; Marzocchella, A.
Combustion of fuel‐water slurries injected in a fluidized bed 1-gen-1989 Miccio, M; Arena, Umberto; DE MICHELE, G; Maresca, A; Massimilla, L.
Carbon attrition during the combustion of a char in a circulating fluidized bed 1-gen-1990 Arena, Umberto; A., Cammarota; L., Massimilla; L., Siciliano; P., Basu
Management of solid wastes from circulating fluidized bed boilers 1-gen-1990 Arena, Umberto; Basu, P.
OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNIQUE FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION OF HIGH-CONCENTRATION GAS-SOLID SUSPENSION 1-gen-1990 Cutolo, A; Rendina, I; Arena, Umberto; Cammarota, A; Marzocchella, A; Massimilla, L.
Break-up of cylindrical clusters of solid particles under gravity flow in a two-dimensional column 1-gen-1991 Marzocchella, A; Arena, Umberto; Cammarota, A; Massimilla, L.
Modelling of circulating fluidized bed combustion of a char 1-gen-1991 Arena, Umberto; Malandrino, A.; Massimilla, L.
Flow Structures in the Riser of Laboratory and Pilot Circulating Fluidized Bed Units 1-gen-1991 Arena, Umberto; Malandrino, A; Marzocchella, A; Massimilla, L.
Sensitivity Analysis of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor 1-gen-1991 Malandrino, A; Arena, Umberto; Massimilla, L.
Hydrodynamics of circulating fluidized beds with risers of different shape and size 1-gen-1992 Arena, Umberto; A., Marzocchella; L., Massimilla; A., Malandrino
Secondary fragmentation of a char in a circulating fluidized bed combustor 1-gen-1992 Arena, Umberto; Cammarota, A; Chirone, R; Massimilla, L.
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